2022-23 Come back BLACK AND WHITE

When the sight becomes blurred forever, the last pencil put away and the video magnifier switched off, when the time seems to have come to sit down in the living room and remember “I was 20 and I was exhibiting my black and white paintings…” the artist rebels!

Considering, rethinking, reflecting, imagining, inventing to meet the challenge of rediscovering the extreme precision needed to continue the work interrupted 50 years earlier. After two years of trials using a simple cutter and a sharp compass, a sheet of black paper placed on a white sheet lit up nine perfectly cut geometric shapes.
On July 22, 2022, the public discovered what sounded like an unimaginable comeback with 20 new works. More than just a victory, the work once painted was relaunched and recognized.

d’Ouwe Kerke – Retranchement (Zeeland, NL) July 2022
Pastorie – St. Martens-Latem (Deurle) January 2023
Rik Wouterstraat – Mechelen (B) May 2023

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