Press reviews

“…his handicap does not allow Charles Emmanuel Schelfhout to contemplate, at a single moment, the entirety of his drawing. It is up to the public to appreciate the precision of the line, the realism of the scene and, beyond that, the unhoped-for outcome to which the perseverance of its author can lead…”
André Zaleski – Transversal – RTBF Radio B.

“I’m still amazed by the perspectives and, above all, by the emotion of a work that the artist can’t see as a whole. A fine example of courage!”
Erwan Quéméré – Journalist – France.

“The sea as he saw it.”
Laurence Bertels – La Libre Belgique

“Drawing in the night between Nioulargue and Whitbread, an unusual journey.”
Xavier Mevel – Le chasse-marée – France

“Pencils that tear through the fog.”
Martin Boonen – L’Eventail B.

“A sensitive work in which sincere, precise writing creates a poetic maritime world. The electronics here simply assist the will of a classical artist. Remarkable!”
Eric Bari – Vice-Président des Peintres officiels de Marine de France.

“Superb sensitivity and artistry to pierce the fog of retinitis pigmentosa.”
Professeur Bart Leroy – Ophtalmologue-Généticien Université de Ghent B.

“…more than a simple “marine painter”, it is with a sure talent that he takes us to the Quais des Brumes. Émotion!”
Saint-Bernard du Spuikom – Yachting Sud

“It’s magnificent! I loved it.”
Patrick Poivre d’Arvor – Journalist – France

“…It’s worth noting that the artist, who has become visually impaired, manages to produce high-seas works, not only after exhausting hours of concentration, but above all thanks to his undeniable talent”.
Fr. Philips – Neptunus

“…beautiful exhibitions that take us to the freedom of the rediscovered sea.”
Eric Ledru – Société Française d’Histoire Maritime.

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