1970-73 Genesis of BLACK AND WHITE and creation of the shape alphabet

The alphabet of geometric shapes is inspired by the highly varied black and white compositions of Joseph Peeters and the colourful repetitive system of Victor Vasarely, a follower of Optical Art. Gradually, these two lines of research led to the creation, at the end of 1970, of 24 simple black-and-white compositions, alternately positive and negative, set in squares. This global creative tool enabled the production of black gouache paintings on white Steinback paper in formats ranging from 40x40cm squares to 100x100cm, representing mosaics of 4 to 81 letters of the graphic alphabet.


Parallel to the creation of the alphabet, a second graphic project led to what the artist called perspectives. Also in black and white, presented in squares, These compositions were based on a single form repeated concentrically.

Galerie Aquarius – Bruxelles
14 janvier – 8 février 1972

Galerie ADO – Bonheiden

5 – 21 janvier 1973

Galerie Aquarius – Bruxelles

27 avril – 18 mai 1973

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