2018 Art and Low Vision

When it knocks on a door, disability is never concerned with skin color, language or social status; it just knocks.
How do you convince, how do you inspire, how do you tell people they can rediscover their long-lost passions, how do you reach out to someone who may no longer see their own hand, how do you tell those hands what to do, how do you guide their hands towards the gestures of a habit they thought were forbidden?
To be able to show and share the fruit of our dreams, to be able to overcome forced isolation like others do, is a victory that was unimaginable yesterday.
At the heart of the fog that surrounds you, a treasure remains: the treasure of remembering or imagining, the treasure of being able to draw or paint anything, and to escape well beyond.
However, by what path, by what footbridge, can we reach out? Why not a competition open to all visually impaired artists, accessible to all?

2022 Winners’ Artworks

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